Who’s Side is God On? … a post for A Life Overseas


“In Iquique, Chile, at the fishing port you can feed the sea lions seafood scraps as you would feed bread crumbs to pigeons. They swim around the crowded fishing boats bobbing by the docks. Per sea faring legend each boat has a name painted to its side. One of the names caught my eye: EMANUEL. The English translation is Immanuel. We know this to mean “God With Us”.

In today’s polarized generation, rhetoric of tolerance force us to define our differences, identify with our ‘kind’, and put up with all ‘others’. When we hear that one of the names of God is “God With Us” in an unthinking moment we might assume a suffix to that name and read, “God With Us … Not With Them.”  We paint God’s name on our particular boat of beliefs, thereby excluding all the clearly defined ‘them’ who are not ‘us’. We do this subconsciously, of course.

But what if “God With Us” actually means “God With ALL of Us”?

As missionaries and international aid workers we enter a new land with purpose. Usually that purpose includes change. Usually the conclusion has been reached that a change is necessary because some aspect of the culture has been found to be, at best, lacking, or, at worst, lumped in the classification of: bad. … (more) “

The post is written to an international audience. Incidentally, EVERY one of my readers is “international” to some other part of the world. By default, this post was written with YOU in mind. Clever how that works, don’t you think? Read the rest on the original post at A Life Overseas:  “Who’s Side is God On?”   http://www.alifeoverseas.com/whos-side-is-god-on/



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