My Creative Space


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The master bedroom in our house is HUGE. It could easily have been two rooms. Thanks to the ingenuity of my husband we now have a curtain hung to separate the bed space from our creative space. I love it! We’ve always had our desks at one end of the room – but now we can step into our spaces and away from the rest of the bustle of the house – away from distractions. Whereas before I had a pretty slick piling system (as in: piles, upon piles, upon piles of things) I now have spaces for all my projects and supplies. The bright colors are very much “me”. And that tiny little pile by the blue filing cabinet… it’s already diminished because I have places for it all to go. Yeah!

I am inspired!

Do creative spaces inspire or intimidate you? What essentials does your creative space have? If you have a picture online of your favorite space for creating, please share the link! You can picture me creating in this space – I’d love to be able to picture you in your creative space.



5 thoughts on “My Creative Space

  1. I love your creative space, Angie! You’ve seen mine. It’s not so organized, and definitely not tucked away, far from distractions! Actually, I have two creative spaces, but the one I use most often, in the family room, is anything but private. It has gotten a little more organized lately, though. But even if it weren’t, I am the kind of person that will happily shove a pile aside in order to clear space to work. :-)

    1. You have great creative spaces Becky. I think I remember you saying that having your family around you inspires you. That’s what spaces for creation are all about – inspiration.

  2. LOVE this space! Mine ends up being a spot on the couch. We do have a desktop computer crammed in the corner of our bedroom, but it’s alongside a few thousand other crammed things and far from inspiring. The colors and light in your area are just right!

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