A Season of Transience

Alejandra and me at the beachVacationing with friends… “hasta luego”

We came back from Chile by bus, my friend, her two boys, and me. The end of my week of vacationing with them started their three weeks of winter break from school. They wanted to be with their family in Bolivia for that time. My friend and I saw each other at church, did a double date with our husbands to eat sushi, and found a time to gab some coffee together. I will see her at church one more time tomorrow then they are going back to Chile. I don’t know the next time I will see her. I will miss her very much.


DSC02015Making memories… sweet remembrance

Today at the House of Dreams we celebrated a birthday. One of our Dreamers who had been adopted to a couple in Spain a few years ago came back for a visit. He happened to have his birthday during their trip. His sweet mom, with the quick Spanish lisp, brought a cake and goodies to share with the children. I cannot believe he is five now! He has his same happy baby face as when we first knew him as an infant, but now with a strong, chunky body. Such a wonderful story of redemption. What a great joy to be included in his new memories.


Laura, Denise, me and Beth... way back whenThe revolving door… missionaries come and go

When missionaries leave Bolivia one never quite knows what the relationship will look like after the teary goodbyes at the airport. You try with Skype and other Internet based means to stay in touch, but things change. What a rare treat it was, then, to receive a dear friend in my house this morning. She is back for a brief time after a three year absence. They lived in Bolivia about half a decade. We were so close. Along with a handful of close friends around my table over warm drinks we caught up. It was surreal that she stepped from Texas and was sitting in my home.


DSC04709Home improvements… changes that work

At our home we have done some decorating and repairs. It’s refreshing being in a more comfortable home. We also increased the chores our kids were doing to help on the upkeep. This increase of responsibility came from the necessity of the three week vacation we gave our maid. The industrious spirit and general morale in our family bumped up a few notches. I like it very much! Improved work ethics was something we really needed around here. I am so glad for this change.


jayber crow by wendell berryFiction that spills into reality… can we see a theme developing?

Coming of age stories in books and movies endear me to the characters like no other genre. I told DaRonn, my husband, yesterday, “I am at that point in the book that I am not ready to say goodbye to these people yet. I have grown to like them very much and I am not ready for the story to end.” That was four chapters away from the final page. This afternoon I bid farewell to Jayber Crow, the narrator and main character of this autobiographical style fiction novel. Good thing I always have more than one book going at a time.


Shall this season continue all through our Southern winter? I welcome it’s stay.

I wonder, too, what other changes are occurring that I am not yet aware of.

Have you known seasons of transience in your life? Are you in one now? How’s it going?





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