Painting Pictures on Djibouti Jones

Rachel Pieh Jones blogs about life in the very hot country of Djibouti in the horn of Africa. She and her husband are raising three Third Culture Kids. The subject of TCKs interested her so much that she started a series about it with guest writers from all over the globe. The discussion has been fascinating. I am honored and so very super excited to be part of the talks happening about raising multi-cultural kids.

Here’s a snippet from my post over there today:

“My husband is black. I am white. I have heard our children call themselves:  white, black, pink, and brown. They compare skin color after a day in the sun. Then they add to the descriptive list: red, freckly, tan, and super dark.

We talk about race and racism quite often.  Even in the tiny country of Bolivia racism has a hold. One taxi driver saw my chubby, light-skinned boy on my lap and told me I was “improving the Bolivian race” by allowing a white child to be born as a Bolivian. My kids notice it, too.”

Come read the rest on Djibouti Jones – – Painting Pictures: Embrace Race

You can join the discussion and find out what this picture of our Oz book collection has to do with TCKs.

Painting Pictures Angie Washington 'Embrace Race' Oz Books



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