A Letter to My 25-year-old Self On A Life Overseas

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Today on A Life Overseas I posted a letter to my 25-year-old self. Here’s a tidbit:

“So before you duct tape all your worldly possessions in plastic bins, and before go through all the security check points in a trans-continental journey that will leave you hoarse and would have cost you your sanity had you not already given that up months ago, let me just talk to you and tell you a few things. About yourself. About your life.”

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2 thoughts on “A Letter to My 25-year-old Self On A Life Overseas

  1. Thank you for writing this! I’m 22 and embarking on my first long term missions trip. I really needed to hear these words and be reminded. The stares as I explain my passion aren’t abnormal…as they analyze every detail of my life I need to allow it to be a mark of the time spent with Christ! The feeling of inadequacy, and questions if I will make it, answered with His Faithfulness and laughter about the lessons and blunders gives hope. Chains and beauty again bring perspective on how to adapt to the changes and allow my outlook to remain positive.

    Thank you for the reminders and for allowing me to feel not so abbots after all… Maybe crazy, yes… But yet you spoke to a lot of insecurities and fears growing in my heart. So thank you for being weird with me!

    1. Hey there, Courtney. Thanks for your very thoughtful and heartfelt comment. Wow. What an exhilarating season of life you are living! To be on the cusp of an adventure thrills me. I am glad to hear the faith and courage in your words. Go for it, girl!

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