Dolphins and Counseling

For years I held a conscious disregard for those who required help from a professional counselor. I made assumptions that this practice was evidence of a lack of faith or the inability to find the answers for life’s hard issues through bible study or prayer. I have a hunch where these thoughts originated and how they were formulated.

Within the last year all that can be evaluated has been. The process continues with many changes taking place in our life. My views on receiving counseling were challenged; then they were obliterated completely. I now think that getting help from a counselor can be of great assistance. I say this because I am meeting with a counselor on a weekly basis through Skype.

I am very grateful for the help she is giving me. On A Life Overseas I talk about one of the chats she and I had. Read more here:

“Sink and a Dolphin Will Catch You”

A Life Overseas Header

Be encouraged.




One thought on “Dolphins and Counseling

  1. Hello Angie; I enjoyed reading ‘sink and a dolphin will catch you’ via Life Overseas. Would you mind sharing with me where you found your skype counselling? Thank you and God Bless. Dawn

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