Birth Stories – 4 – Gabrielle

bunny birth stories logoGabrielle’s name came to DaRonn in a dream during our engagement to be married. The birth order and all full names of all of our five children were decided upon before we said our vows on our wedding day. We did not think this odd. I now see that the prediction, or whatever you want to call it, with such detail about our offspring even before we were married was a rare exercise. We knew Raimy Olivia would be first, then our oldest son Timothy Aaron, then the dreamed of Gabrielle Moriah, followed by Tyler Cole, and finally we would adopt Kaitlynn Glory, our crowning glory.

Many times during my pregnancy with Gabrielle I felt strongly impressed to stop everything I was doing and intercede for her life. I prayed for her life in the womb, for her birth, and for her life as a whole. The prayers were intense and powerful. I felt as though I was affecting decades and hedging her about for a life calling. I was grateful to be able to serve this extremely strong and active being even before she was born to this world.

My she could kick! She remains an active strong person with an inquietude for great things. Her unique passion intrigues me.

She was due on August 11, 2001. I thought that providential because the first two were both born on an 11th. This little lady was a limit pusher from the first day of her life. Her due date came and went. I was a bit disappointed she didn’t come on the 11th – but I thought it was to be expected since my first two came well after their due dates.

Sunday, August 12th we were all resting in the afternoon after church. The warmth of that Oklahoma summer day enveloped the house in a calm blanket of heat. As I lay on the bed with my sleeping husband beside me the infant inside of was very active. Then the tightening began. I didn’t recognize what was happening at first. I felt an anticipation and overwhelming surge of confidence. I couldn’t lay still any longer. I began slowly pacing in the small house.

The truth dawned on me as I recognized the regularities of the pattern of tightening and loosening. These were not painful. They felt like a long firm hug.

I had been reading the book “Supernatural Childbirth” and had prepared myself for a drug-free, pain-free delivery. I woke DaRonn. I told him the baby was coming.

Our friends came to get our other two kids. We arrived at the hospital and I was all smiles. I knew what was happening and I was happy and excited. The nurses said that they would probably be sending me home because I was too calm to be in labor. I told them the contractions were coming very fast and strong.

They got me set up on a bed and told me a doctor would be in to examine me. After a long while (maybe 45 minutes) the doctor came in. He didn’t want to examine me and didn’t believe I was in labor because, “No, you are smiling too much to be in labor.” I calmly told him that he needed to see how far along I was. He finally consented. The priceless look of disbelief on his face when he said, “Nurse, prep the delivery room. She is at 8 cm!” still makes me smile to remember it. A couple more hours of labor and I was begging for them to let me push. Two big pushes and Gabrielle popped out, big-eyed and sprawling arms and legs moving around in all directions.

Some differences with this birth from the other ones: no pain killers, the bag of waters broke on its own, and I was given oxygen at one point because my hands cramped up from my breathing technique. There was a kind nurse there who helped me to adjust my breathing during the contractions. I was very happy for her calm wisdom. It helped alot. Another difference was that I was able to move around during labor because I was not attached to any machines. That was so very nice.

That birth was miraculous. Gabrielle, born late in the evening on Sunday, August 12, 2001, was long and skinny, but still very healthy, and weighed just over 7 pounds. Ten weeks later we made an intercontinental move to live in Bolivia with a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a nursing infant.

Gabrielle at one year old
Gabrielle at one year old, Santa Cruz, Bolivia



2 thoughts on “Birth Stories – 4 – Gabrielle

  1. Beautiful! Both the story, and the picture of you with your babies. Brings back so many memories of toting around little ones and seemingly always nursing. Ha! That doesn’t last forever, but such good memories. And, she’s adorable. :)

    1. Aw, thanks Elizabeth – we think she’s pretty cute, too. Writing these stories has been so great. I am glad you connect. :-)

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