Cochabamba Street Art – Installation Women

Installation women 01 Guillermo Deheza Installation women 02 Guillermo Deheza Installation women 03 Guillermo Deheza 004 Installation women 04 Guillermo Deheza (L) Me (R) Installation women 05 Guillermo Deheza 015 Installation women 06 Installation women 07 Installation women 08 Installation women 09 Guillermo Deheza 007 Installation women 10 Installation women 11 Guillermo Deheza Installation women 12 Guillermo Deheza Installation women 13 Guillermo Deheza Installation women 14

*Click pics for enlarged view*

This installation includes fresh, new graffiti found around Cochabamba as well as photos I took over a year ago. Some of these photos were taken by Guillermo Deheza, a fellow Cochabamba dweller who likes graffiti art.

The variety of impressions about women represented in these pieces span all time, past, present, and future. Some repeating themes we see are: braids, hummingbirds, symbols, nature, nurture, protection, and colors of passion. Do you have a favorite?



>> Guillermo Deheza’s collection of hundreds of photos of Cochabamba graffiti on facebook

>> Past posts with dozens of pics of Cochabamba Street Art here at ‘the @’


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