Cochabamba Street Art – Installation Tags

Installation Tags Grone
Installation Tags Mat
“Mat” The second photo says “Prestigiosa pero Peligrosa” which is Spanish for “Prestigious but dangerous” in the feminine, indicating a female person or a noun with a feminine attribute.
Installation Tags Oveja
“Oveja” which is Spanish for Sheep
Installation Tags puriskiri traveler
For a long while the words painted on the wall were “Sin poesía no hay cuidad – Acción Poética Cochabamba” (Without poetry there is no city – Poetic Action Cochabamba). Then the word poetry was lightly covered and graffiti was painted in it’s stead. The tag is attributed to Puriskiri, which is Quechua for Traveler, and who happens to have tons of graffiti all over the city.
Installation Tags Puriskiri
“Puriskiri” which is Quechua for Traveler. Another well known graffiti tag in the middle photo: “Sonrie” which is a Spanish directive for “Smile”.
Installation Tags various unknown
A bunch more tags with letters and words

In the graffiti world it seems that lettering, words, signatures, and tags are integral. Readable or not I appreciate the emotion portrayed in fonts that require you to slow down and look close to understand their meaning. Also the creative colors, shading, and added designs give an interesting depth. I still would really love to someday have a conversation with a street artist. One of the things I would talk about with them is the use of language in their pieces.



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